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  1. Wayne

    Very nice blog, with some useful information!

    1. indiraprab

      Thanks Wayne 🙂

  2. Amro Elsayed

    wow good looking blog indira

    1. indiraprab

      Thanks Amro 🙂

  3. Pradeep

    Very nice one. Liked !……


  4. engy

    Thi blog is very useful..Good job Indra

  5. Pavan


    1. indiraprab

      Thanks Pavan, Engy and Pradeep 🙂

  6. Basmalahh

    Beautiful blog Indira (just as its creator) :). Really loved it 🙂
    & I truely hope we get to meet one day 🙂

    1. indiraprab

      Thanks Basmalahh 🙂

  7. aaycee

    Well Done indira..I really liked the song I will download it to set it as a ring tone on my cell.

  8. Dr.Hasib

    Finaaallyyyy…Dr.Hasib made his trip to Indira’s “ourjourneytocanada” blog. And he found this blog absolutely,undoubtedly,completely, one hundreed percent

  9. katyspring

    Very nice job, just as what you do in the forum.

    1. indiraprab

      Thanks Katy, aaycee and Hasib 🙂

      1. ashok sharma

        Indira Great job on the blog as welll…

        Keep up the great work… We will meet some day!!!

        ashok sharma

        1. indiraprab

          Thanks Ashok 🙂

  10. Wendy

    Great blog Indira, this is going to pave the way for all the future immigration applicants.

    1. indiraprab

      Thanks Wendy 🙂 For now, i think this blog will mainly focus on the successful settlement for our group in Canada 🙂

  11. Pavan

    Very nice Website Indira. too too informative.

    Great JOB!!!

    1. indiraprab

      Thanks Pavan 🙂

  12. Manpreet

    Nice Blog Indira 🙂

    1. indiraprab

      Thanks Manpreet 🙂

  13. hondubai

    I liked this site. Very organized and neat.

  14. hondubai

    Neat and very organized. I liked this blog.

    1. indiraprab

      Thanks hondubai 🙂 If i remember, you are a 1122 applicant right?

  15. hondubai

    Absolutely right !! I applyed on 22 /11/2010
    I hope London VO will have a sharp memory like yours to remember sending me the AOR !

  16. palnp

    Too Fruitful..Gr8 BLOG!

    1. indiraprab

      Thanks Pawan:)

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