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Points factor

A detailed look at the 6 selection factors and the points grid. Selection Factor Points Education Maximum 25 points Proficiency in English and/or French Maximum 24 points Experience Maximum 21 points Age Maximum 10 points Arranged employment in Canada Maximum 10 points Adaptability Maximum 10 points Total Maximum 100 points Pass mark Minimum 67 points …

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How to apply?

Now that you know you are eligible to apply, let’s see how to apply. The stages of preparing your application: Gather the supporting documents Obtain the LATEST application package and guide Complete the application forms Sort the application package along with the supporting documents Proof read the application package and ensure there are no mistakes …

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The Process

The processing is done @ 2 different places the CIO in Sydney, Nova Scotia and the Visa Offices. As a rule of thumb, one has to submit ALL the documents specified in the CIO checklist and the Visa Office checklist(these checklists include pretty much everything needed for a PR application to Canada), with the initial …

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Contact CIC

Useful Contact details for Federal Skilled Workers applicants: How to Contact the Centralized Intake Office? If you are a Skilled Worker applicant and you have a request for case information you may contact the Client Service Unit of the Central Intake Office using this form. If you applied within the last six weeks, the CSU …

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