Mar 08 2017

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Hello after a long while :)

Hello all,

Hope you are all well. I have received so many comments and emails meanwhile on why this blog is still up and running while there seems to be no new posts or help coming in.

This blog was first created to be a documentation of our immigration journey to Canada. And there have never been any kind of monetary or service goals associated with it, although I tried to help numerous readers with their everyday questions on their Canadian Immigration journey. After a while, the queries started to eat time so much that I decided to not respond to the repetitive questions. At one point, after the immigration program was revamped and the scenarios changed, I decided not to follow the system and keep updating this blog on changes and happenings, as that was not the goal of the blog from the start.

Now why it is still open, is on the request of those readers, who are still finding information and experiences documented here of immense help to their Canadian Journey. So, I decided to keep it open. I also see the readers are discussing their experiences and offering advice through this blog(through comments), so I wouldn’t want to close this platform for them to discuss.

Thank you and I hope you all succeed in your journey 🙂

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  1. Jagvir

    Thanks Indira! Please keep it open, its a valuable resource for the newcomers!

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