Jun 30 2011

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Landing Preperations

Here is the list of things to do after receiving your visas and before landing. Please note that this is a generic list and not exhaustive.

1. Check your CPR(Confirmation of Permanent Residence documents) and visas for any mistakes in your details. This is very important as we will not be able to complete the ‘Record of Landing’ in case there is a mistake in any of the information printed in the CPRs. If you find any, please contact the VO and get it corrected asap.

2. Book the tickets 🙂 and get the travel insurance done. It might be a good idea if that can cover us for a period of 90 days, until we get the OHIP card/similar health insurance coverage in the province of landing.

3. Get your packing list ready :).

4. Once your packing list is ready, you can start to put together the form B4 documents. Separate post coming up on how to do this.

5. Get your child’s immunization record filled by your pediatrician. A link to the form is here. This is very important as no child can enter school in Canada without this form. Get a couple of copies, just in case.

6. If you are traveling between October and April, it might be wise to get you and your family ‘flu shots’ before you fly to Canada. This can be done a week prior to the travel.

7. Open a Canadian bank account while still in your home country. This is possible from certain countries like India, Gulf etc.,

8. If you drive, there are a few documents to get issued from your local RTO(authority for transport and driving license in your country). This one is Ontario specific information. Please correlate for other provinces.

  • Get an international driving permit issued against your current driving license
  • Get your current driving license translated and attested if not in English or French
  • Get a ‘Letter of reference’ from your vehicle insurance company stating no claim for N number of years against your car and driving license. This will help to lower the initial car insurance in Canada a bit.
  • Get a ‘Letter of Authentication’ from the country’s Roads & Transport Authority, explaining our driving license status in their letterhead. The letter should contain your name, fathers name, DOB , Address, date of issue , date of expiry, license number and can include something of no traffic violation ( not must) as per record. All names in the driving license and the above letter should exactly matching with the passport.
    A format of the letter is below.



SUBJECT: Authentication of licensed driving experience

It is certified that the driving license n0________________________ was issued by ____________ on _________ in the Name of ___________ s/o__________ r/o________, DOB _____________. This license  is valid throughout _______( country/ state/ province) with full driving privileges for driving Motorcycle/ scooter/ car and jeep only. This license is valid up to______. As for record in this office, there is no traffic offense against this driving license.

DATED                                                                                                                          LICENSING AUTHORITY


Indira Prabhakaran.

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  1. Hany

    Very informative.
    Good luck.

  2. monty

    Dear Indira,
    I `ve a license issued in 1999 with old address of my parents home in the same city but different locality. However my passport has a different address of my present new house.Should it be a problem and i `m reqd. to apply for a change in address.

    1. Indira

      It’s better if the address in the passports match the ones in the driving license.


      Indira Prabhakaran.

  3. Srinivasa K

    Hi Indira, thanks very much for the information. For getting “The driving authentication letter” that you have mentioned is there a standard procedure at the RTO? I did not see one on their website. I am from Bangalore South RTO. If there is no standard procedure to get this then probably we will have to go through the secondary route [you know what I mean], is that so?

    1. Indira

      There happen to be a standard procedure for this, but not ALL employees(including the RTO) knows or at least they are ignorant of. Just approach them through an agent(could be a driving school guy) and get it done in the easiest possible way!

      Indira Prabhakaran.

  4. Srinivasa K

    Hi, visited the RTO and found that they have something called ‘DL extract’ which can be got by giving an application on plain paper and Rs10/- fee. Will post details once i get that.

    PS: now a days things have smoothened out in RTOs. We can directly approach them, get the information and get things done much easier than earlier days and without agents. All info is available on RTO website: http://rto.kar.nic.in/ [did not see for the DL extract though]

    Srini K

    1. Indira

      Good! Karnataka RTO looks organized 🙂

      Indira Prabhakaran.

  5. Poonam

    Hi Indira

    I need to know about B4 form. Is it mandatory to fill this form.

    Please advise

    and I really need your advise on what we bring ( i mean what Items) apart from clothing as I am really confused


    1. Indira

      Hi there,

      Please check the landing prep posts on this blog for the answer to your question.

      Indira Prabhakaran.

  6. rupesh desai

    Hi Indira,

    I have errors in my and my wife’s COPR docs. In my COPR my eyes color is printed as black instead of brown. and in my wife’s COPR her gender is printed as male instead of female.I have already mailed to NDVO about this through case specific enquiry on 9th jan 2012 but still there is no reply from them.
    Pls suggest what to do??


    1. Indira

      Please visit the NDVO directly and get it corrected. They do entertain visitors with visas :).

      Indira Prabhakaran.


        Dear Indira,
        Thanks for your suggestion
        Will plan to visit NDVO.just waiting for few more days


  7. Vinod

    Hi Indira,

    I got my visa few days back. NOC: 1122. I have been following your post and they have been very helpful and a BIG THANKS….

    Quick question: I downloaded the immunization document on your post. That has mention of 5 booster dose. It this minimum requirement? We have taken all doses as per the requirement in bangalore and some are not given 5 times.!!


    1. Indira

      Congrats :). Not to worry! If possible try to complete the immunizations pending before you leave India. Whatever is mandatory and not given in India, will be given free of cost in Canada once you are here :). Just that the child has to have up to date immunization record BEFORE registering in school.

      Ensure you get the form filled out and attested by your pediatrician in India.

      Indira Prabhakaran.

  8. Siva


    i have some doubts regarding getting a reference letter from the RTO

    Thank you for providing the recommended format of the letter

    1. will the letter format which you have provided suffice the requirements of Ministry of Transport, Ontario ?

    2. This letter would contain the name, DOB, issue date etc but what about the driving experience we claim ?

    should we add additional information about our experience in the letter ?

    3. if a person had obtained his license (LMV – car license) in 1999 and had never driven a car but only motorcycles but claims to have driven cars for 10 years. how do they recognise that especially in INDIA ?

    Thank you for your time


    1. Indira

      1. Yes, I used the same here.

      2. Well the RTOs are reluctant to mention about the driving experience, as long as the letter says something about the driving license and it’s original issue date, it should be fine.

      3. How will the RTO know that that person has never driven a car but just had a license ;)?

      Indira Prabhakaran.

  9. Ghanshyam

    hi, Indira.
    we r planing to land on late November with my family, i have some question:
    1)what money we r carrying in cash should stamped in our passport?
    2)if i carrying without stamped in passport can cause any harassment in airport especially in India?
    3)we r planning to come back in 40-45days, so i am planning to buy return tickets as it is cheaper, it will affect our landing process?
    4) we r landing in deep winter, so what type of outerwear will be fine for Canadian winter as your experience, i search about buying winter clothes in India but there is limited,and for Indian winter only, so it is advisable to order by net from other country? any suggestion will be grate help for us.

  10. Kothandaram


    I landed in Ontario 2 months ago, and I wasn’t able to apply for Ontario drivers license within 60 days of landing.
    Would I still be eligible to exchange my India Driving License for a G2 if I have a Letter of Authentication from the RTO?
    Please advice


  11. drivekool

    For any RTO related query visit http://www.drivekool.com

  12. Lalit

    My RTO in Ghaziabad is not aware about any such letter hence, its getting difficult to take the letter from them.

    Please suggest how to move forward.


    1. Rahul Sharma

      Hi Lalit,

      Did you manage to get the letter from RTO Ghaziabad. I need to take the same from them.

      Rahul Sharma

  13. Avinash Nathan

    Hi! I will be completing my landing on 5th July 2015, I wish to settle in Toronto in the early days and I have made arrangements accordingly. I have purchased the air tickets (Travel Route: Mumbai – Frankfurt – Ottawa – Toronto). I have a concern here…. will I have to complete my Landing formalities at Ottawa or at Toronto. Please advise

  14. Veeramaniraj Madhavan

    Hi Indira,

    First of all, Your blog is of very useful information to everyone.Thanks for your work.

    I am willing to immigrate to Canada through express entry VISA program. Me and my wife both are working IT professionals.Can we proceed ourselves in applying for it or Can we approach any consultant to apply for Express entry VISA.Also please suggest one if you have any idea.

    Please advise.

    1. Rikesh

      You can do it by yourself. They have explained all the steps very clearly on the cic website. All the best.

  15. Rikesh


    Very informative post.

    For the drivers license authentication letter, does it need to be on a letter head? My issue is that RTO is now going all paperless and they are willing to issue the letter with the stamp and details, but without the letterhead – would that work?

    Please advise. Thank you so much

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