Mar 15 2011

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New Delhi Leads the race :)

Yes, New Delhi Visa Office is leading the race to issue the Medicals/RPRF/PCC/PPR requests. Most likely the first visas for the entire post June 26, 2010 group will be issued by New Delhi :). It all started 13 days ago, and today we have 11 Medicals/RPRF/PCC/PPR requests in hand as reported by our group members. Also one member confirmed that he had his employment verification done before the Medical requests were printed, and so yes, they complete the documentation checks before issuing the medical requests. Security and criminality checks are likely to be done concurrently with the medicals, as they usually take around 30 days and are outsourced to CSIS. Looks like the process @ the Visa offices are exactly the same as Pre June 26, 2010(with the 38 occupations list), except that the Post June 26, 2010 applications are queued directly for the documentation checks, rather than the eligibility reviews.

For a detailed explanation on background checks, please check this link.

Indira Prabhakaran.

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  1. palnp

    But unlike the post june applicant, pre june applicant will be given preferences..

    1. indiraprab

      That’s something widely debated. I personally do not think either group receives preference @ the VO. As per CIC, All applications received after Nov 2008 under the fast track system will be processed in the order they are received. The difference might be that, Post-June applications arrive at the VO, with a positive eligibility review and so, they will be queued up directly for the background checks whereas the Pre-June applications have 2 more stages to go through @ the VO before the background checks(the completeness checks and the Eligibility Review).


      Indira Prabhakaran.

  2. syeda uzma

    i am syeda uzma. i applyeed canada immigracation, may22nd 2010, i ricived file nomber september 29.2010, in canada, i submited full dacuments 22november 2010, in new delhi office, ones more file nomber comes to chc delhi january 6th 2011, i am still waiting my madicals is due? plz tell me how long prossing moe, thanks
    syeda uzma

    1. Indira

      Hi Syed,

      Unsure πŸ™ . As far as members reported in the forum, they are taking an average of 2 years for the pre – June 2010 applications.

      Indira Prabhakaran.

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