Oct 16 2011

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Oh Fall!

The weather is just getting colder and Canada is getting more and more beautiful every day.  With all of the fall colors around, walking to the school and bus stop couldn`t get better :).

It has become a routine for us to check the weather every morning, evening or just whenever we are about to step out. Yes, the weather could change drastically within a day and we got to be prepared all the time. There is another thing to note about the weather here. There are usually two numbers for the temperatures, the actual temperature and the real feel. While it could be actually 8 degrees, the real feel could be like 2 degrees :). As the temperatures get lower, the excitement goes up with all the extra layers of winter clothing. It`s the best time for the winter shopping and we are gearing up for the winter.

Indira Prabhakaran.

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