Feb 15 2011

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That’s how it started!

So, why Canada?

I’ve lived in India all my life except for the 2 years stint in UK post wedding. We moved back to India and started a new life in Chennai. We chose Chennai for two reasons. It’s a big city with opportunities and most of our friends were settled there. Initially it was a struggle for us to adjust to Chennai life, but then we started loving it. It was a 8 hour drive from our home town and so we are not far away from people! Although we loved Chennai life, there was something missing. The climate(Read it HOT!) was awful and pretty hot ALL the time except for the few days in a year when it rains cats and dogs. Just then we were thinking why not move to somewhere else?

A couple of our friends had moved to Canada by then and we were hearing good things about the life there. We decided to give it a go. I did a bit of research on Canada and immigrating there and started to realize 3 key things.

1. The easiest way to immigrate is FSW, but the current wait time was 5 to 8 years from India
2. The next easiest way is to have some relatives to sponsor you, bang – all we had is a couple of friends there
3. The next possibility is to have a job offer in hand, but that looked next to impossible, being in India.

For about 3 years the idea was on hold, while I did some online research on immigration and about whether or not this is an option for us. Recession came in and yes we were all the more unmotivated, heard really bad stuff about the job market there and so the idea was still on hold.

In the end of 2008, We came across an update on the FSW system. They introduced 38 occupations as in demand with a promise that the applications will be finalized within a year and we qualified for that. But that good old hesitation, as to whether or not to move still haunted us. Endless number of discussions and we thought it wasn’t the right time may be!

One more year passed, and we decided to give it a go. By then we heard things are changing and they amended the system again and introduced a new list of 29 occupations in demand. Believe it or not, we qualified again and somewhere inside we felt, ‘Yes this is it! The time has come!’. We started to prepare our application and noticed that unlike before, we had to include the entire documentation with our initial application to the CIO. Prab was not very convinced, but agreed that we should give this a try to see how things work. I started my full-fledged research on this and found a very useful forum – http://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/index.php. This forum is a God-send to me, I found a LOT of friends in the same boat and it helped me with our entire application process.

I will share my experiences in preparing our application in the next post.

Indira Prabhakaran.

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