Jun 16 2011

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The big question – What next?

OK, the celebration mood looks to be short-lived after receiving the visas :). We are on to the next phase now, WHAT NEXT? That’s the question keeping us occupied ever since we received our visas. Of course we have already done so much of the needed research, but then when it comes to this moment, things start to look scary for most of us if not all of us.

There are so many quick decisions to make. We thought the decision to move would be the toughest, oh boy! there are more on the way!

All of them can be grouped into one word ‘Landing’, just that every single question needs a bit of research and a quick decision!

1. When to land?

This might look easy, given the dates of expiry of the visas which in our case is April 2012. Obviously we want to land as early as possible, but there are a lot of factors to influence the dates. We have too many things to wrap up here and arrange for before we set to fly, so we need some time to get ready. The other factor is ‘Weather’ :). It starts to get cold there by September and so we will have to land before that or at the least during September to ensure the kid(and the kid in me) doesn’t get a bad first impression about the Country :). After all we move from Chennai, where the weather is just ‘Hot – Hotter – Hottest’ and there’s nothing called a winter here. So we definitely need some time to adjust to the weather there. Also the schools reopen in September there and so it would be great if the kid can start schooling just in time.

2. Where to land?

There has been one strong and default answer for this question ever since we started to think about moving – ‘Toronto’. Simple reasons, biggest job share in the country, manageable weather etc., Almost 65% of the immigrants to Canada land there and so it cannot be a bad choice. But then, that’s where most of the immigrants get stuck with their home communities pockets, unable to move out of that comfort zone. So we tried considering almost ALL possibilities of landing locations right from Winnipeg/Regina to Toronto/Vancouver and our final answer is ‘Toronto’ :). We chose Toronto only for landing and the initial months. We will start exploring a permanent move to other possible places right after landing.

3. How to land?

Whether to do a short landing or not? In simple terms, people do land and come back after a month or 2 and then take their own time to move permanently. We do not see the need for it, as long as we have a couple of months time to prepare.

Whether all 3 of us will land together or just the PA lands first and then we will follow after a few months. This is ruled out because of the weather factor. Anyway ALL of us have to land before April which is still as cold as hell there.
So, all of us will land together in late August/Sept this year.

There are a whole lot of stuff to do and prepare for our move now. I will post the final list of things to do in my next post.


Indira Prabhakaran.

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  1. suparna

    HI, We have received our PR for (CANADA-SASKATCHEWAN-REGINA), and plan to move by June 2017.
    I have few questions before coming to Regina,Request you to please help us.

    1.Are there any Indian community in Regina?
    2.How much does a single bedroom flat cost if i want to rent?
    3.Wanted to check about schools in REGINA for my child. When does the School begin as we plan to come in June.
    4.We are informed that the first 3 months, we will not be covering health insurance, so what is the alternate? Do we need to buy insurance in India itself?
    5.Since we were sponsored by Saskatchewan, what should be our port of entry?

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