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  1. Rajana

    Hi Indira,

    I have been a regular follower of your blog and al;ways look forward to your updates, which would be of immense help to soon to land immigrants like me.

    I am also from south India, and have a school going age daughter. We are planning to land in May 2012 and in the process of making accommodation arrangements in Mississauga. But whenever I make an inquiry for 1 bedrooom basement apartment, I am getting a reply that 1 bedroom basement apartment will be too small for a family like mine.

    I would like to have your comments and suggestions on this matter , so that I can make inquiries accordingly.

    Thank You

    1. Indira

      Where do you get that response from? How old is your daughter? A 1 bedroom basement should fit in a family of 3 for sure. Did you try kijiji and craigslist?

      Indira Prabhakaran.

      1. Rajana

        My daughter is 7 yrs old, and i got the reply mainly from and I am going through kijiji and craiglist, but these response I got was holding me back for making further enquiries.

        I thought I will take an opinion before trying again.

        Thank you

        1. Indira

          Well, for a 7 year old kid, you should be OK with a 1 bedroom apartment. Yes a 2 bedroom is better, but not mandatory.

          Indira Prabhakaran.

  2. rajwinder kaur


    we are landing on 14th june. just wanted to know that which school districts are good as i wanted to rent an apartment according to my son’s school.


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