Apr 10 2011

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We received our 2nd AOR!

Hello 🙂

This was something i was longing to have a look at sometime back, before we received our medicals. After we received the medicals, the 2nd AOR lost it’s significance and was deemed lost in transit.

But the IPS(Indian Postal Service) had a point to prove! The delay was not at their end. For some strange reasons, our AOR was printed on March 11th and dispatched only on 6th April. That was 5 days after they dispatched our medicals requests. This kind of delay is not regular and in fact we are yet to hear from another person who has similar experiences with he visa office.

So, our latest timelines at the VO:

1.  CHC ND received our file
2. Put us on wait while they check our applications
3. Check OK and so they print the AOR
4. Decide NOT to send the printed letter out just to keep us worrying! and proceed with the background checks
5. Checks OK and so they print and send out the medicals, RPRF, PCC and passports requests. They are not convinced to send that AOR yet.
6. After 5 full days of rigorous thinking, they are convinced and managed to dispatch the AOR with the previous printed date.

I’m hoping that we will get our visas stamped by mid-June 2011, if everything goes well.

PS: We are still waiting for our passports from the passport office. Prab is waiting for his brand new passport as requested by CHC. I have submitted my passport for the PCC. Hope to receive both of them by the end of this week. Once we receive Prab’s passports, it will be only a couple of days delay for his PCC to arrive. Hope we will submit ALL the required documents before end of April.


Indira Prabhakaran.

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  1. LoveVancouver

    All the very best Indira!!!

    1. Indira

      Thanks 🙂

      Indira Prabhakaran.

  2. arafat

    respected indra prabhakaran how are u, i hope u fine there with your canadian pr visa.

    please tell me how much are the cost for medical examination of canadian immigrant visa for DELHI plz do let me know and suggest me as well which is the best DMP in that particular region.



    1. Indira

      Unsure as I’m from Chennai. When you receive your medicals, you will receive a list of DMPs for the region along with the fixed fee for medical examinations.


      Indira Prabhakaran.

  3. seema singh


    How are you doing? I need your suggestion i received letter from CHC New Delhi they want me to send more documents regarding my employment.

    VO has requested following documents :

    1)original of appointment letters/ employment contract from school
    2) Original of appraisals and /or Promotion letters showing yearly review.
    3) Salary slips from the employer previously stated
    4) Sample of copies of bank statements / confirmation from PF commissioner’s office
    5) PF fund receipts.
    6) Any other documents that would establish your work experience.

    All i can provide them is
    1) Appointment letter,
    2) Confirmation letter
    3) Salary certificate from school which would state my joining date , My current salary and as i am drawing honorary and that to in cash. ( IN my salary certificate it is mentioned that my salary in not taxable and no pf is debuted)
    4) I have cash receipts for this year only.
    5) I have annual appraisal letters for last 4 years in which principal has clearly mentioned honorary amount
    6) i have photocopies of attendance sheets of last 4years sheets… I have send 3 months attendance sheets for last 4 years
    7) photographs at school function and school picnic aswell.

    I hope these documents are sufficient. i have send my documents on 24 november 2011.

    1. Indira

      Hi Seema,

      Yes these documents should suffice and serve the purpose. Relax and good luck on your applciation 🙂

      Indira Prabhakaran.

  4. Rana

    Hi ! I applied in Canada immigration in last August 2011. I have got a letter in 30 October that my case is eligible for processing and it is a final positive determination. After that visa officer wrote me that s/he received the case. Now my question is that how many percent of cases are refused from visa office or at this stage ? And do you think that I will be able to get visa ?

    1. Indira

      I cannot predict things :(. As long as the information on application is true and correct and you are admissible, you will receive visa. good luck.

      Indira Prabhakaran.

  5. harpreet

    hi indira, i applied under the fsw category noc 6242 on10 feb2011 .got ok from cio on25 march then i received letter from ndvo saying your application will take 10 months to process after that my ecas showed rbvo till 5 december,on the 7th dec my ecas changed to in process then on26 jan my address dissapeared from ecas.do u think its i will receive medicals or somethingelse like more documentation.one last thing what exactly do u mean by 2nd AOR ?is that kind of approval from vo after verificaton check.i am curious.

    1. Indira

      Please check the process page of this blog!

      Indira Prabhakaran.

  6. harpreet

    hi indira me and my wife got joint account since december 2009.do u think thats going to be a issue?

    1. Indira

      As long as both of you are applicants it is fine.

      Indira Prabhakaran.

  7. harpreet

    hi indira i have got 13400CAD in my joint acc for two me and my wife.its actually$400 less ,do u think thats going to be problem?

    1. Indira

      Yes it would be a problem if it is a difference of $400 while submitting the application. Please ensure you have the minimum value for the application.

      Indira Prabhakaran.

      1. Tahir Ali

        hi indira,,,,,,,,hav u got yr canadian visa or still in India.?????????????

        1. Indira

          Looks like you are back to the blog after really long time! We are in Mississauga now!

          Indira Prabhakaran.

  8. harpreet

    thanks for that one last query my ecas changed to in process on 7th dec 2011 and address disappeared on 26jan2012 but still haven’t received any commiuncation from the visaoffice.do u have any idea what’s going to happen

    1. Indira

      Well I repeat Address disappearing is not a sure factor for communication. I cannot predict what is going to happen!

      Indira Prabhakaran.

  9. harpreet

    they are taking forever to process my application.there is no commuincation from vo at all .applied in feb 2011 ,it supposed to be fast track but after 8mths the ecas changed to in process.my occupation is FSW1(without arranged employment) noc6242 cook.do u think they process other occupation quickly and applicants with arranged employment goes into fast track stream?

    1. Indira

      Please check the timelines post on this blog!

      Indira Prabhakaran.

  10. harpreet

    how long they took for your application?

    1. Indira

      7.5 Months

      Indira Prabhakaran.

  11. harpreet

    how come they taking long for my application?i think chc is processing other occupations faster like yours .who wants to process cook’s application they rather go for doct and plumbers

    1. Indira

      It’s not about the occupations, but the applications! If it were as you said, they wouldn’t have had cooks on the demand list!

      Indira Prabhakaran.

  12. harpreet

    yeah well what i am actually curious about is the ecas is showing ‘IN PROCESS’ since 7th december and there is no communication till now,wander what they doing.thanks for all the help indira

    1. Indira

      They have several checks and verifications to do prior to issuing medicals and they need time for that don’t they?

      Indira Prabhakaran.

  13. harpreet

    yeh thats right but you said that your application was processed in 7 mths while mine has been sitting in ndvo since april 2011,almost a year.you think everyone else is in the same boat or otherwise

    1. Indira

      Well, I still have friends who applied a little before us and are still waiting for medicals :(. EVERY application is different and so!

      Indira Prabhakaran.

  14. harpreet

    you seems to know fair bit about chc stream line.

  15. Harmeet Singh

    Res. Indira,
    Is it suitable to send improved IELTS score to NDVO after sending COMPLETE APPLICATION PACKAGE? Would NDVO consider the score or not because I fear pass marks shortage? I received no further instructions or 2nd AOR till date as I submitted my application 16 months earlier to the NDVO .What might be the reasons behind all this ?

    1. Indira

      Well, they generally do not entertain extra paperwork than requested. Pre June applications are taking forever to process and I have already spoken much about that one in this blog.

      Indira Prabhakaran.

  16. prempal

    hello Mam
    i have applied under fsw.now i have sent my passport and fees and medical results has been sent by dmp more than a month ago.when will they send me my passport and if they send via post, courier or by hand.i m really worried about it.one thing more.they have sent me a email that after six month they will tell me the result of evaluation.on 25th of September time will up.

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