Oct 22 2011

Winter eh!

The winter is right around the corner, although by now we are kind of adjusted to the everyday life with layers of clothing and jackets 🙂

What to shop for winter? Most of us do not come with winter stuff here, even if we do, they might not be of a great use in Canadian winter ;). Now is the right time to buy winter stuff here, with the fall sale on!

Here is the list of the winter gear we would ever need 🙂

1. A Winter coat/outer wear:

This is our outer shell and the most important one. Here are a few samples of how it would look like, and there are enough varieties and designs to choose from. Dont get tricked by the design or color although it is possible to get a fully functional jacket to do justice to the aesthetic part of it. Remember to ask about the temperature resistance for the jacket, the lower the temperature the better. Usually for Toronto, -20 degrees would be the best bet.

2. Sweater/Hoodie:

This is to be worn just inside the jacket/coat. This comes in a vide variety, ensure you choose one with full sleeves. Half sleeves might be OK for a few though. It all depends on how well you cope with the freezing cold. Here are a few samples for the same.

3. Mittens/Gloves:

We would need a pair of mittens and gloves each :). For those days with extreme temperatures, mittens would help us preserve that precious body heat. Look for wind proof and water proof as much as you can for obvious reasons. Here is how they look like,

4. Scarf/neck-gaiters:

These are meant to keep the neck and face warm. Can be handy while it’s windy. Scarves come in a vide variety of designs and knitted ones might do justice to the cold. Here is a simple picture to show the uses of a neck gaiter and sample of a scarf and neck gaiter.

5. Cap/head cover:

Did you know that in cold temperatures your head will dissipate approximately 30% of your body heat? That’s why is so important to cover our heads. A wool cap will not only keep the head and forehead protected, it will cover our ears too. Again, here are a few samples.

6. Winter Boots:

Winter boots are a must, and they are required all through the winter irrespective of whether you walk on the snow a lot or not!. Boots are not just to keep our feet warm, but they can give traction while walking in the snow, which our regular leather shoes can’t. Remember to check for the weather resistance again, a -20 degrees would be perfect for the GTA region. Do not worry if the snow boots do not look formal, as it’s usual here for people to wear the snow boots from home to work and then change to the regular formal shoes indoor :). Here’s how snow boots look like.

7. Winter socks/leg warmers:

Winter socks are important too. They are made of wool, which can still keep warm even when wet. They can be of great help for outdoor activities, while our feet may sweat, but they will be warm. Alternatively there are leg warmers, to be worn outside of the clothing. Samples below.

8. Snow pants:

These are mostly for the outdoor activities in the snow, to protect our legs from the humidity and snow outside. They are made of the same material as our outer winter coats and they are insulated and water proof.


These are to be worn as second skin and they keep us warm even if we sweat. They are made of a soft material that will not itch or make us uncomfortable.

The secret for dressing up for winter is to dress up in layers!

Hope you enjoy the upcoming winter!

Indira Prabhakaran.

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    • Devangi Shah on November 7, 2011 at 3:28 pm
    • Reply

    Hi Indiraji,

    Thanks for your prompt reply.

    Positively , i will receive my passport in this month.(if all go thr.)

    What is the suitable time to come there? I am single.(FYI)

    Is it good to come canada in the month of december-January bcoz there are very cold (upto -20 c). and my city is branddon -Manitoba

    My family want, i will go canada in dec.

    Please suggest me.



    1. Well, you should be VERY brave and prepared if you want to land in Manitoba in Dec/Jan ;). I suggest you wait until March may be? If there is an urgency to land, yes there’s nothing wrong, but i’s going to be freaking cold out there then.

      Indira Prabhakaran.

    • Samina on February 9, 2012 at 12:56 pm
    • Reply

    Hi Indira!

    I’m planning to land in calgary in Jun’12. Please advise whether it’s wise to buy winter clothing from my home country Bangladesh or better to buy from Calgary?

    Thanks and regards


    1. Winter clothing, it’s always better to buy here..

      Indira Prabhakaran.

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