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  1. Devangi Shah

    Hi Indiraji,

    Thanks for your prompt reply.

    Positively , i will receive my passport in this month.(if all go thr.)

    What is the suitable time to come there? I am single.(FYI)

    Is it good to come canada in the month of december-January bcoz there are very cold (upto -20 c). and my city is branddon -Manitoba

    My family want, i will go canada in dec.

    Please suggest me.



    1. Indira

      Well, you should be VERY brave and prepared if you want to land in Manitoba in Dec/Jan ;). I suggest you wait until March may be? If there is an urgency to land, yes there’s nothing wrong, but i’s going to be freaking cold out there then.

      Indira Prabhakaran.

  2. Samina

    Hi Indira!

    I’m planning to land in calgary in Jun’12. Please advise whether it’s wise to buy winter clothing from my home country Bangladesh or better to buy from Calgary?

    Thanks and regards


    1. Indira

      Winter clothing, it’s always better to buy here..

      Indira Prabhakaran.

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