Apr 18 2011

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WOW! The first visas are out :)

Hello.. I’m back with some BREAKING NEWS πŸ™‚

New Delhi Visa Office has issued the first visas for the post June 26, 2010 group. One of the group members(His forum name is ‘Grasshopper’) received the visas yesterday. The actual date the visas were stamped on 7th April and he received the passports on 18th April 2011. His timelines are:

Category : FSW1

Visa Office : New Delhi

NOC Code : 1122

App. Filed : 06-08-2010

PER Received : 23-11-2010

2nd AOR Received : 18-02-2011

Medicals Request: 03-03-2011

Medicals Completed : 24-03-2011

Passport Request : 03-03-2011

Passport & RPRF dispatched: 28-03-2011

Passport & RPRF received by VO : 29-03-2011

Medicals received / Decision Made status in ECAS : 10-04-2011

Visas Received : 18-04-2011

He(Grasshopper) is very lucky to have his visas in just 20 days time, since the CHC received his passports and RPRF, while there are a couple of them who have sent their passports and RPRF before that.

Grasshoppers are no wonder some lucky creatures πŸ™‚




Indira Prabhakaran.

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  1. Vishesh

    WoW!! This guy is indeed lucky πŸ™‚

    Thanks to all his group members (on the forum) who provided much needed guidance / support during this journey. These different phases of PR process can drain you emotionally & mentally. But then there are people like you to lift the spirit. I am so lucky to have found this forum and it’s like a family now where you are happy when someone shares good news and gloomy when there is a bad news.

    The day is not far when everyone in our group will have maple leaf on there passport.

    I wish you all the very best for the remaining process. You deserve a great deal.

    – Grasshopper

    1. Indira

      Congrats again Vishesh πŸ™‚

      Indira Prabhakaran.

  2. mandeep


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